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IN HOME AND Online Lessons

Professional & bilingual acoustic and/or electric guitar, ukulele and bass lessons in the comfort of your own home or via Skype/FaceTime!


Paul "Laffy Stone" Lafrenière is a bilingual and full time professional guitar instructor with over 12 years of teaching experience. Paul can easily adapt to the students' needs and interest. From beginner, intermediate to advanced levels, lessons can focus on sight reading, developing improvisational skills through music theory, writing a song and/or learning your favourite song or style of music (Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal or Country).


Paul’s current roster of students range in age from 6 to 65. Don’t hesitate to email or call for references from current students. Call or email to book a spot, or ask for more information. 613-323-5501 or




"Paul has been my guitar teacher for a couple of years now, he has taught me so much and the best part about it is that he makes it fun. Paul is an amazing guitar teacher, even though I’ve known him for a while now he never stops to amaze me with his musical knowledge and musical ear, I would play the song I want to learn on YouTube or Spotify and next thing you know he’s already playing the first chords without seeing any tabs or even knowing the song beforehand. I’ve had many guitar teacher in my life and trust me on this one, Paul is a gem. Definitely the best guitar teacher I’ve had in my life and I’m proud to be his student." Anatole Bongheat


"If you're looking for a guitar teacher who is not only talented but also incredibly kind and patient, then look no further than Paul! I've had the pleasure of taking lessons from him for almost a year and I can confidently say that he is one of the best guitar teachers out there. Paul is extremely flexible with scheduling, which has been a huge help for me as a busy professional. He always makes time for me, even when I need to reschedule at the last minute. This level of flexibility is truly appreciated and sets Paul apart from other guitar teachers. When it comes to his guitar skills, Paul is an absolute master. He is equally comfortable playing both electric and acoustic guitars, and his knowledge of different genres and styles is truly impressive. As someone who loves 90s Can-rock, I was thrilled to find out that Paul has an extensive repertoire of Canadian rock songs, as well as songs from every other genre you can think of. He never hesitates to teach me riffs and new songs that match my style and skill level, and he is always creating new challenges for me to work towards. What sets Paul apart from other guitar teachers is his incredible kindness and positivity. He is always encouraging me to keep going, even when I'm struggling with a new technique or song. He has a great sense of humor and good spirit, which makes every lesson a pleasure to attend. Overall, I cannot recommend Paul highly enough. If you're looking for a guitar teacher who is talented, flexible, and genuinely cares about your progress, then Paul is the perfect choice. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, he has the knowledge and skills to help you reach your guitar-playing goals." Tyler Goodison


"Working with Paul has been amazing! I've toyed with online lessons, other instructors and DIY lessons, but Paul is making the guitar make sense. His balance of application and theory make lessons and practice fun! And this is coming from a 44 year old with very little previous experience." Peter Bobak


"Paul is a fantastic, engaging, understanding and motivating teacher. I would highly recommend him for young and old learners." Lina Basset


"Paul takes guitar lessons to a new level. He is the first instructor I have had that actually taught me how to read music (both notes and tabs). It has helped immensely and I am finally progressing in a way that makes me hungry to practice and learn more! He also has the patience of a saint; teaching my two young daughters is no easy task. :-) I would highly recommend him to instruct both young and old!" Joel Chartrand


"We love having Paul teach our daughter guitar. He’s patient and a lot of fun to play with. Halle thinks the world of him!!" Jennifer Smith Barker


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